About the Working In Progress


Hello everyone, and welcome more on cedricstrainsim.com, website. On this article it will relate the first WIP(Working In Progress) for the project for the routes for Train Simulator, and Trainz, that I presented on the last article about the line Strasbourg-Basel(Switzerland).

Let me introduce that the WIP will be on both article, because I prepare this line in same time for Train Simulator and Trainz, and maybe if you’re only fan of Train Simulator, or only Trainz, you prefer see the wip for your favorite train simulator game, but of course if you have suggestion, do not hesitate to comment or directly contact me by this link : Contact us. On this article I will introduce the process of my WIP, of course they are picture, informations about progress, sometimes, I will publish the rate of progression, because the picture, can not show everything but the rates can make you some projection or analysis what is going on.

The next articles who is coming soon, will be the first Working In Progress for this project.

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